Ballerina by Oliver Nosaczynski Bohovič is an album that has been composed and performed with a great deal of emotions and empathy. The eleven compositions are here connected by an invisible, yet perceptible stitch of melancholy, and if the person is attuned to apperceive this type of music, he will be pleasantly surprised.

Ondřej Soukup Songwriter

It is always exciting to listen to new compositions by a very talented composer Oliver Nosaczynski Bohovič. I treasure his original musical language; he is always romantic in his songs, with a touch of unexpectedness and very colorful harmonies. His new CD is like a story that is unfolding in front of you, his music takes you from one place to another, you are on an emotional journey! Beautiful musical experience not to be missed!

Anna Sutyagina Moving Classics TV

When I close my eyes…
I see music…
the music has the melody of the voice of a woman, when the woman is whispering about what she’s dreaming of…
that is what everyone can understand….
that is the music that Oliver composes and plays…

Peter Nagy Popular slovak song writer, singer and photographer

My Overall impression from what I’ve heard of Oliver’s music leads me to a feeling that we have something to do with a very talented, hardworking and diligent musician, able to freely express his musical thoughts, aiming to appeal on the emotional side of the human soul, rather than the rational. It’s possible that it’s thanks to a certains school that Oliver Nosaczynski Bohovič has. Despite the fact that we hear Oliver’s album in an electronic form, it sounds very convincing and leaves a pleasant feeling to the listener. I’m sure that Oliver has many fans that know and love his music. We can only wish him not to leave his path, but daringly spread his musical thoughts. May it be impressions or something a little bit in the image of Ballerina, or echoes of distant stars and distant worlds, honesty and professionality will always find respect and understanding and inspirational substance for the author.

Eugen Doga Eugen Doga, one of the most prolific and versatile composers, also included on the list of the twenty best and most frequently performed composers of the twentieth century

Oliver Nosaczynski Bohovič is a young composer, multiinstrumentalist and singer from Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia. Born in Bojnice 22.2.1992, his musical journey began at the age of 10, when his parents signed him for Keyboard and singing lessons, though he always loved music since the early childhood. He later took up guitar at the age of 13 as a self-taught player, but later took personal lessons from renowned Slovak guitarists Henry Tóth and Andrej Šeban-with whom he also studied musical theory and composition. He rediscovered his passion for singing on the lessons with the renowned Slovak singer and pedagogue Alena Čermáková.

A versatile composer, known for his original and reckognizable style, he composes music in various genres like Classical music, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Videogame music or Film music and for various projects - for example the popular online fantasy strategy game Emporea:Realms of was&magic for the major Slovak videogame developer, Pixel Federation. He also performs his music live with his solo project, playing his compositions for solo piano and guitar and occassionally sings his songs aswell.

Many of his compositions have been successful in prestigious international contests, most notably his piece "Impression"-a 2x Finalist in the instrumental cathegory of the UK songwriting contest (2015,2016) or "Ballerina"-1st Place for the nation Slovakia in the Ravel association international composer´s contest in Bergamo, Italy. His music is characterized by strong melodies and musical motifs with which he can describe a wide variety of emotions.

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I always dreamed of writing pieces that many people would love to listen, as well as pieces that I can fully relate to, something coming from the very deep of my heart and that is what people can expect from my upcoming piano album which is coming soon. What I can say about it is, […]

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